Ventilated Seats — If Equipped

On some models, both the driver and passenger seats are ventilated. Located in the seat cushion and seatback are small fans that draw the air from the passenger compartment and blow air through fine perforations in the seat cover to help keep the driver and front passenger cooler in higher ambient temperatures.

There are two ventilated seat switches that allow the driver and passenger to operate the seats independently.

The ventilated seat switches are located on the switch bank in the center stack of the instrument panel, just below the climate controls.

The ventilated seat switches are used

The ventilated seat switches are used to control the speed of the fans located in the seat. Press the switch once to choose HIGH, press it a second time to choose LOW. Pressing the switch a third time will turn the ventilated seat OFF. When HIGH speed is selected both lights on the switch will be illuminated. When LOW speed is selected one light will be illuminated.

NOTE: The engine must be running for the ventilated seats to operate.

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