Removing ACC Sensor For Off-Roading

NOTE: When off-roading, it may be advisable to remove the ACC sensor. The sensor is located behind the front lower grille in the center of the vehicle. After removing the lower fascia, you may remove the lower sensor and bracket assembly.

To remove the sensor follow these instructions: 1. Unplug the connector by depressing the two tabs on the connector and pulling it out. Do not pull by the wiring or use any tools to remove the connector.

2. Remove the wiring christmas tree attachment from the back of the bracket.

3. Remove the two M6 fasteners that connect the bracket to the bumper.

NOTE: Do not change the adjustment fasteners or pull the sensor off of the bracket. Doing so may misalign the sensor.

Store the sensor and bracket assembly in a safe location.

The wiring and connector must be stowed properly after the sensor and bracket assembly is removed.

A connector plug is stowed on top of the bumper beam.

Insert the wiring connector into the connector plug.

NOTE: When the sensor is removed, Adaptive Cruise Control, Normal Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Warning will not be available. The cluster will display the warning “ACC/FCW Unavailable - Service Radar Sensor.”

To reinstall the sensor and bracket assembly reverse the process above. The fastener torque required to assembly the bracket back to the beam is 6.6 ft lbs (9 Nm).

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