Tire Psi

Press and release the UP or DOWN button until “Tire PSI” displays highlighted in the EVIC and press the SELECT button. Press and release the UP/DOWN buttons until one of the following System Status messages displays in the EVIC:
• System OK
• System Warnings Displayed (will display all currently active System Warnings)
• Tire Pressure Monitor System (shows the current pressure of all four road tires). For additional information, refer to “Tire Pressure Monitor System” in “Starting And Operating”.

Tire Pressure Display
Tire Pressure Display

• Tires heat up during normal driving conditions. Heat will cause the tire pressure to increase from 2 to 6 psi (14 to 41 kPa) during normal driving conditions. Refer to “Tires-General Information/Tire Inflation Pressures” in “Starting And Operating” for additional information.

• Your system can be set to display pressure units in PSI, kPa, or BAR.

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