Selec-Terrain™ combines the capabilities of the vehicle control systems, along with driver input, to provide the best performance for all terrains.

Selec-Terrain™ Switch
Selec-Terrain™ Switch

Selec-Terrain™ consists of the following positions:

• Sport – Dry weather, on-road calibration. Only available in 4WD High range. Performance based tuning that provides a rear wheel drive feel but with improved handling and acceleration over a two-wheel drive vehicle. The Electronic Stability Control will set to allow more driver control of vehicle while maintaining safe handling controls. The vehicle will lower (if equipped with Air Suspension) to Aero Mode in High Range. 4WD Low is not available in SPORT mode, if 4WD Low is selected the Selec-Terrain™ will automatically switch back to AUTO.

• Snow – Tuning set for additional stability in inclement weather. Use on and off road on loose traction surfaces such as snow. When in Snow mode (depending on certain operating conditions), the transmission may use second gear (rather than first gear) during launches, to minimize wheel slippage. If equipped with air suspension, the level will change to Normal Ride Height (NRH) if the transfer case is in high range.

The level will change to Off-Road 1 if the transfer case is in Low range.

• Auto – Fully automatic full time four-wheel drive operation can be used on and off road. Balances traction with seamless steering feel to provide improved handling and acceleration over two-wheel drive vehicles. If equipped with air suspension, the level will change to NRH.

• Sand/Mud – Off road calibration for use on low traction surfaces such as mud, sand, or wet grass.

Driveline is maximized for traction. Some binding may be felt on less forgiving surfaces. The electronic brake controls are set to limit traction control management of throttle and wheel spin. If equipped with air suspension, the level will change to Off-Road 1.

• Rock – Off-road calibration only available in 4WD Low range. The vehicle is raised (if equipped with Air Suspension) for improved ground clearance. Traction based tuning with improved steer-ability for use on high traction off-road surfaces. Activate the Hill Descent Control for steep downhill control. Use for low speed obstacles such as large rocks, deep ruts, etc. If equipped with air suspension, the vehicle level will change to Off-Road 2. If the Selec-Terrain™ switch is in ROCK mode, and the transfer case is switched from 4WD Low to 4WD High, the Selec-Terrain™ system will return to AUTO.

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