Front Fog Lamps

1. Reach through the cutout in the splash shield and disconnect the wiring harness from the fog lamp connector.

2. Firmly grasp the bulb by the two latches and squeeze them together to unlock the bulb from the back of the front fog lamp housing.

3. Pull the bulb straight out from the keyed opening in the housing.

• Do not touch the new bulb with your fingers. Oil contamination will severely shorten bulb life. If the bulb comes in contact with any oily surface, clean the bulb with rubbing alcohol.

• Always use the correct bulb size and type for replacement. An incorrect bulb size or type may overheat and cause damage to the lamp, the socket or the lamp wiring.

4. Align the index tabs of the front fog lamp bulb with the slots in the collar of the bulb opening on the back of the front fog lamp housing.

5. Insert the bulb into the housing until the index tabs are engaged in the slots of the collar.

6. Firmly and evenly push the bulb straight into the lamp housing until both tabs snap firmly into place and are fully engaged.

7. Connect the wiring harness to the front fog lamp connector.

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