Rear Liftgate Mounted Tail Lamp

1. Raise the liftgate.

2. Use a fiber stick or flat blade screw driver to pry the lower trim from the liftgate.

3. Once lower trim is loose, close the liftgate.

4. Open the flipper glass.

5. Pull up glass seal at bottom of window opening.

6. Remove small trim panel around liftgate glass striker.

7. Close flipper glass and raise the liftgate.

8. Continue removing the trim.

9. Disconnect the two trim panel lights.

Rear Liftgate Tail Lamps
Rear Liftgate Tail Lamps

10. Tail lamps are now visible. Rotate socket(s) counter clockwise.

11. Remove/replace bulb(s).

12. Reinstall the socket(s) 13. Reverse process to reinstall the liftgate trim.

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