Folding Windshield

The fold-down windshield and removable side bars on your vehicle are structural elements that can provide some protection in some accidents. The windshield also provides some protection against weather, road debris and intrusion of small branches and other objects.

Do not drive your vehicle on-road with the windshield down and the side bars removed as you lose the protection these structural elements can provide.

If required for certain off-road uses, the side bars can be removed and the windshield folded down. However, the protection afforded by these features is then lost. If you remove the side bars and fold down the windshield, drive slowly and cautiously. It is recommended that the speed of the vehicle be limited to 10 mph (16 km/h), with low range operation preferred if you are driving off-road with the windshield folded down.

Raise the windshield and reinstall the side bars as soon as the task that required their removal is completed and before you return to on-road driving. Both you and your passenger should wear seat belts at all times, on-road and off-road, regardless of whether the windshield is raised or folded down.

Outside rearview mirrors are mounted on the doors. If you choose to remove the doors, see your authorized dealer for a replacement cowl-mounted outside mirror.

Federal law requires outside mirrors on vehicles for on-road use.

Carefully follow these warnings to help protect against personal injury:

• Do not drive your vehicle on-road with the windshield down.

• Do not drive your vehicle unless the windshield is securely fastened, either up or down.

• Eye protection, such as goggles, should be worn at all times when the windshield is down.

• Be sure that you carefully follow the instructions for raising the windshield. Make sure that the folding windshield, windshield wipers, side bars, and all associated hardware and fasteners are correctly and tightly assembled before driving your vehicle. Failure to follow these instructions may prevent your vehicle from providing you and your passengers protection in some accidents.

• If you remove the doors, store them outside the vehicle. In the event of an accident, a loose door may cause personal injury.

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