Sky Slider™ Usage Precautions

• The system will not operate when ambient temperature is at –4°F (–20°C) or lower.

• The system will not operate at vehicle speeds of 86 mph (138 km/h) or above.

• Opening and closing the Sky Slider™ repeatedly without the engine running may run the battery down.

Failure to follow these cautions can cause damage to the Sky Slider™ vehicle contents, and the vehicle interior:

• Never attempt to open or close the Sky Slider™ when it is frozen. Wait until the Sky Slider™ is thawed before operating.

• Opening the Sky Slider™ when damp, wet, or dirty can cause stains, mildew, and damage to the soft-top material and the inside of your vehicle.

Make sure the Sky Slider™ is dry before opening.

• Always close the Sky Slider™ when leaving your vehicle, damage to the vehicle interior can occur.

• Do not leave the Sky Slider™ open for several weeks at a time. Close it occasionally to prevent discoloration in the folds of the fabric and to allow the creases to smooth out. This is especially important if the Sky Slider™ was opened when not completely dry.

Failure to follow these warnings can result in injuries that are serious or fatal to you, your passengers, and others around you:

• In an accident, there is a greater risk of being thrown from a vehicle with the Sky Slider™ open.

Always fasten your seat belt properly and make sure all passengers are properly secured too.

• Before operating the Sky Slider™ make sure that no moving parts of the Sky Slider™ can injure a person or animal.

• Never place any extremities (hands, feet, etc.) near the Sky Slider™ components or the roof area while operating the Sky Slider™.

• If potential danger exists while opening or closing the Sky Slider™ in Automatic Mode, press and release the switch immediately to interrupt the operation.

• If potential danger exists while opening or closing the Sky Slider™ in Operator Mode, release the switch immediately to interrupt the operation.

• Do not allow small children to operate the Sky Slider™.

• Never leave children in a vehicle, with the key in the ignition switch. Occupants, particularly unattended children, can become entrapped by the Sky Slider™ while operating the Sky Slider™ switch.

Such entrapment may result in serious injury or death.

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