Removing Key Fob From Ignition

Place the shift lever in PARK. Turn the Key Fob to the OFF position and then remove the Key Fob.

With the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature, the EVIC will display the ignition switch position “OFF/ACC/RUN”.

Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further information.

• If you try to remove the Key Fob before you place the shift lever in PARK, it may become trapped temporarily in the ignition switch. If this occurs, place the shift lever in PARK, rotate the key to the right slightly, then remove the Key Fob as described. If a malfunction occurs, the system will trap the key in the ignition switch to warn you that this safety feature is inoperable.

The engine can be started and stopped, but the Key Fob cannot be removed until you obtain service.

• The power window switches, radio, power sunroof (if equipped), and power outlets will remain active for up to 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position. Opening either front door will cancel this feature. The time for this feature is programmable.

Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)/Personal Settings (Customer-Programmable Features)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further information.

• If your vehicle battery becomes low or dead, your Key Fob will become locked in the ignition.

• Do not attempt to remove the Key Fob while in this condition, damage could occur to the Key Fob or ignition module. Only remove the emergency key for locking and unlocking the doors.

• Leave the Key Fob in the ignition and either:

• Jump Start the vehicle.

• Charge the battery.

• When leaving the vehicle, always remove the key fob from the ignition and lock your vehicle.

• Never leave children alone in a vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle.

• Allowing children to be in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. A child or others could be seriously or fatally injured. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake, brake pedal or the shift lever.

• Do not leave the key fob in or near the vehicle, and do not leave Keyless Enter-N-Go in the ACC or ON/RUN mode. A child could operate power windows, other controls, or move the vehicle.

• Do not leave children or animals inside parked vehicles in hot weather. Interior heat build-up may cause serious injury or death.

An unlocked car is an invitation to thieves. Always remove Key Fob from the ignition and lock all doors when leaving the vehicle unattended.

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