Setting The Following Distance In ACC

The specified following distance for ACC can be set by varying the distance setting between 3 (long), 2 (medium), and 1 (short). Using this distance setting and the vehicle speed, ACC calculates and sets the distance to the vehicle ahead. This distance setting displays in the EVIC.

Distance Setting 3
Distance Setting 3

Distance Setting 2
Distance Setting 2

Distance Setting 1
Distance Setting 1

To change the distance setting, press the Distance button and release. Each time the button is pressed, the distance setting adjusts between long, medium, and short.

If there is no vehicle ahead, the vehicle will maintain the set speed. If a slower moving vehicle is detected in the same lane, the EVIC displays the “Sensed Vehicle Indicator” icon, and the system adjusts vehicle speed automatically to maintain the distance setting, regardless of the set speed.

The vehicle will then maintain the set distance until:

• The vehicle ahead accelerates to a speed above the set speed.

• The vehicle ahead moves out of your lane or view of the sensor.

• The vehicle ahead slows to a speed below 15 mph (24 km/h) and the system automatically disengages itself.

• The distance setting is changed.

• The system disengages. (Refer to the information on ACC Activation).

The maximum braking applied by ACC is limited; however, the driver can always apply the brakes manually, if necessary.

NOTE: The brake lights will illuminate whenever the ACC system applies the brakes.

A Proximity Warning will alert the driver if ACC predicts that its maximum braking level is not sufficient to maintain the set distance. If this occurs, a visual alert “BRAKE” will flash in the EVIC and a chime will sound while ACC continues to apply its maximum braking capacity. When this occurs, you should immediately apply the brakes as needed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

The ACC Systems provides Overtake Aid when passing on the left hand side only. When driving with ACC engaged and following a Target vehicle, the system will provide an additional acceleration based on your current speed. The acceleration is triggered by indicating a left turn signal.

Brake Alert
Brake Alert

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