Transfer Case

Fluid Level Check

Inspect the transfer case for fluid leaks. If a fluid leak is found, the transfer case fluid level can be checked by removing the filler plug located on the back side of the transfer case. The fluid level should be at the bottom edge of the filler plug hole when the vehicle is in a level position.

Adding Fluid

Add fluid at the filler hole, until it runs out of the hole, when the vehicle is in a level position.


First remove fill plug, then remove drain plug. Recommended tightening torque for drain and fill plugs is 15 to 25 ft lbs (20 to 34 N·m).

When installing plugs, do not overtighten. You could damage them and cause them to leak.

Selection Of Lubricant

Use only the manufacturer’s recommended fluid. Refer to “Fluids, Lubricants, and Genuine Parts” in “Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further information.

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